02 April 2015 @ 06:25 pm
Hello guys! I need some help with timelines regarding the sixth season.

-How long do you think it took Peter to find Neal, after he was kidnapped? I'd say about two days, up to a week, but no longer than that. What do you think?

-I'm especially interested in the time that passed between Peter rescuing Neal and Neal having that discussion with Mozzie in the first episode. Do you think it would be possible of for that to happen in about seven hours? Neal is rescued at around 5 pm and talks to Mozzie at around 11 pm/midnight. Does it sound plausible? From Neal's rescue it all went kinda fast-paced until the end of the episode, so it's not that hard to imagine, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts.

Also, in what month do you think 6x01 was set? And the whole sixth season, how long does it last? I'd say it's about two months, four tops.

Please please please help me, this is pretty important in a story I'm writing. Thanks in advance :D
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[identity profile] aragarna.livejournal.com on April 3rd, 2015 03:25 pm (UTC)
Those are tough questions, because White Collar is deliberately blurry on its timelines...

- The kidnapping didn't take more than 2 days. There wasn't much time wasted, neither on the FBI part, nor the bad guy (they didn't let Neal starve or anything...)

- A few hours seem about right. I haven't rewatched the episode but it seemed that the Mozzie-Neal conversation was the evening of the day of the rescue.

- White Collar from S2 to S6 is like an eternal summer...
Hard to say which month exactly is 6x01, but given the weather and how they're dressed, you could place it in spring, with the season rolling over summer. Though, the Panther arc seems to happen in a couple weeks, while the pregnancy seems to happen over a few months (you can't really tell the sex of the baby until several months...)

In the end, I'd say it's blurry and confused enough that you can do whatever works for you and your story, no one will be able to positively contradict your timeline. ;)

Hope that helped a little ?

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[identity profile] mildeamasoj.livejournal.com on April 3rd, 2015 04:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Yes, it helped. I thought I might have missed mentions regarding the timeline, but if they're deliberately blurry, then I can do whatever I want :D
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