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Hello guys! I need some help with timelines regarding the sixth season.

-How long do you think it took Peter to find Neal, after he was kidnapped? I'd say about two days, up to a week, but no longer than that. What do you think?

-I'm especially interested in the time that passed between Peter rescuing Neal and Neal having that discussion with Mozzie in the first episode. Do you think it would be possible of for that to happen in about seven hours? Neal is rescued at around 5 pm and talks to Mozzie at around 11 pm/midnight. Does it sound plausible? From Neal's rescue it all went kinda fast-paced until the end of the episode, so it's not that hard to imagine, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts.

Also, in what month do you think 6x01 was set? And the whole sixth season, how long does it last? I'd say it's about two months, four tops.

Please please please help me, this is pretty important in a story I'm writing. Thanks in advance :D
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